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  • Giving Away Too Much of Yourself Online

    Dear blog subscribers (all 23 of you), I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not regularly updating and for taking such a long time off. I hope you understand that moving across the country, starting a new job, helping my sister plan her wedding, going to three weddings, and flying back to SF a bunch took out […]

  • Boston
  • The Move Back to Boston

    San Francisco Sky - Her Pursuit of Sunshine

    Writing this post was complicated. There were so many things to say, so many things I wanted to talk about. I both wanted to tell it all and keep some things to myself.  I still don’t feel like I’ve been adequately able to express how I feel – but I wanted to try anyways. Hope […]

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  • Not So Basic brunch


    When I was little, my sister did gymnastics competitively, and I was forced to go to meets weekend after weekend around New England – and sometimes beyond. While I resented it for most of my life (#youngestchild) I came to enjoy watching the sport and caught on to the lingo and the (ever-changing) list of […]

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  • Tea Time


    I’ve never been a coffee drinker. I’ve had probably three sips in my entire life. Everyone has tried to trick me into trying it – getting me to try sips of their super sweet “coffee” drinks – the usual gateway to regular coffee. But I didn’t budge. For a long time I got whatever caffeine fix I needed […]