• Life
  • A Note on Being the Third Wheel

    As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I wanted to write something to the people of the world who like me, are single, and the couples who hang out with us like normal people. Being a third-wheel is something that I’m expert-level at. So expert, in fact, that I kind of forget I’m third-wheeling. The only […]

  • Beauty
  • Finding a New Signature Scent

    Do you remember your first perfume? I love hearing about other people’s early perfume choices and how the scent takes you to a certain time in your life. The scent I most vividly remember from growing up was my sister’s Ralph by Ralph Lauren perfume in that teal and clear bottle. In her teenage years […]

  • Life
  • Winter 2018 Bucket List

    I don’t know a single blogger who hasn’t done some sort of 2018 goals post – and I’m not about to screw with the way things are. 🙂 I’ve done them in many ways over the years: SMART goals, words of the year, things to take away.  This year, I have some overarching personal goals, […]

  • Style
  • Winter Refresh

    When you’re a kid, your life is changing all the time and there are segments with definitive starts and ends. As an adult, that only happens during the change of the seasons or if you’re starting a new job. For me, it’s both! I am really excited to share that I recently switched jobs, a […]