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  • Hiking the Huts with Backcountry Yoga

    Backcountry Yoga Review

    A few years ago when I was living in SF, I came across a blog post from a Boston blogger I follow, dear anna, who wrote about her family’s recent hike – affectionately called a hut to hut. She explained how along the Appalachian Mountain trail sits these small huts along the trail in the sky, […]

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  • What to wear hiking

    What to wear hiking overhead

    This weekend, I’m actually up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, hiking the Southern Presidential range on my first overnight backpacking trip. It’s not a standard backpacking trip – I’m staying in one of the AMC’s huts where they feed us dinner and breakfast – so I don’t need to pack in a sleeping […]

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  • DIY Good Vibes Pillow

    DIY Good Vibes Pillow

    As you may remember from my living room inspo post, I’ve had my eye on this Good Vibes pillow for YEARS. While it’s cute – $38 seemed like a lot for a pillow – so I decided I was going to DIY it instead. Embarrassingly, I’ve had the undyed letters for over a year, with […]

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  • Deciding to Travel Alone

    On Traveling Alone

    If we’re friends on Facebook you’ve seen that I’m planning a trip and looking for recommendations on an upcoming vacation to Reykjavik and Copenhagen. What is so exciting and nerve-wracking about this trip is that I’ve decided to do it solo. This year, without my SFO > BOS back and forth trips across the country, and with […]

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  • Wonder Women

    Wonder Women

    Last weekend I just wasn’t having a good weekend. I had one of those weekends where I was so busy during the week that I made no plans for the weekend and then immediately regretted it. I just had nothing to do – so got myself in a funk – going in circles about the […]

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  • Easy Magnet Bookmark DIY

    Magnet Bookmark DIY

    In years passed, I’ve done a great job meeting my goals for reading, but 2017 is not my year. I’ve successfully finished just ONE book this year and I’m trying to get motivated to dive back in. Besides choosing an easy beach read as my next book, I also wanted to create a magnet bookmark […]

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  • Behind my blog’s name

    Behind Her Pursuit of Sunshine

    One of the blog’s biggest fans – my sister – recently asked me to write a post about how my blog got it’s name – and I’m not one to disappoint one the blog’s most long-standing readers. If you remember back to the beginning, it was 2010 and my blog was hosted on sarahmitus.com. I […]