Soultrain Fitness Review

Finding a fitness routine is essential to my sanity. I remember when Class Pass first came out (which is a great choice for many people) – I knew it wasn’t for me. I love having a routine to my workouts – that on Tuesdays I do this, Wednesdays I do this, and so on. While ideally I could be one of those people who goes for a run every morning (see my attempt here) –  I’m just not. So for now, I have a pretty normal schedule during the week after work, playing field hockey on Mondays and going to a gym near my office the other weekdays. While the gym isn’t super modern and I’m not in love with the classes, the classes work for my schedule, it’s close to work (so I can skip the traffic home), and it’s cheap! For only $40 a month, it’s exactly what I need.
BUT this is not a review of that gym.
This is a review of Soultrain Fitness, my weekend gym and one of my favorite places in my little Teele Square neighborhood. Soultrain is a personal training and group exercise fitness studio where the instructors really care about the people who come in. Since it’s in a less-busy neighborhood, there are a lot of regulars who live nearby and come week to week. While I’ve only been to the classes below, they have SO many to appeal to so many different exercise interests.
Friday 5:30PM Barre Conditioning
This was the first class I took at Soultrain, and it immediately got me hooked on the low key vibe of the studio. The class itself isn’t my fave, but I think that’s just because I’m not super into barre-specific classes. Nonetheless, this class was easy to follow and a great workout.
Saturday 8:30AM Crazy 8’s
This is my favorite of all of the classes, and I’m so thankful for the routine it gets me into on Saturday mornings. Since I often stay in on Friday nights after a long week at work, 8:30AM Saturday is realistic, but not something I’d do on my own. This class jump starts me and helps me feel like I can enjoy the rest of my day without guilt.
The way it works is there are eight stations set up around the room, usually with two different exercises at them. You spend 8 rounds at each station, usually on for 20 seconds, and resting for 10 seconds. The exercises can be really tough, but it all goes by SO QUICKLY because you’re changing it up so much. I love how fast time flies during this class, and how we do different exercises each week.
Saturday 9:30AM Hip Hop Dance Camp with Erica
This is a great class if you love hip hop music and an aerobic workout, even if you don’t consider yourself a dancer. I thought this was going to be more of a hip hop dance class, but it’s definitely more an aerobic class with some hip hop and strength training mixed in. We did burpees and push-ups – not your typical hip hop class!
While the music selection was bomb and I got a great workout, I love the 8:30 Crazy 8’s class too much and typically want my hip hop classes to be more dance focused. Still, would do it again if my 8:30 class went away! (Please don’t let that happen.)
Sunday 11AM Yoga with Lyndsy
Lyndsy just started teaching in their studio for the 11am Sunday yoga class. When I lived in SF I took yoga on Sundays near my apartment and I love that I’m picking the practice back up. It’s a great way to center and relax for a great week, and Lyndsy is great. She provides enough instruction but also suggests changes or modifications to make your practice harder or easier, depending on your level.
Besides the above, I really want to try one of their Zumba classes and a boxing class! They seriously have everything at Soultrain.
Now you may ask, why don’t you go all the time? For me it’s both price and proximity.
I usually buy ten class packs for $110 (so $11 a class) but you can also drop in for $15 a class. While pretty inexpensive compared to SoulCycle or Pure Barre, it’s not INexpensive.
But to be honest, this isn’t my everyday gym because of timing. The weeknight classes are only offered at 5, 6 or 7pm. While ideally I can leave my office and drive back to the city for them, it’s just not a guarantee and it causes me to sit in a lot of traffic. In my current system, I go to the gym in Waltham when the streets are most filled with cars, so my commute home is less stressful and I’ve already worked out.
Besides, there’s something totally to be said for going straight to the gym from work. If I step foot in my front door to change into workout clothes, there’s a MUCCH higher probability I’m going to end up on the couch than leave my house again to go to the gym.
Overall, I really like going to SoulTrain and having a community-based gym to a part of that’s close to home and has great classes.

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