Glitter Eyeliner for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to fashion, I firmly believe taking chances and trying some wacky things is a good idea. Whether it’s my love of tutu skirts, colored blazers, or sparkled, heeled sneakers, I’m not opposed to taking a chance. Fashion is supposed to be fun!
At a Sephora event a few years ago, I came across this beautiful eyeliner, but have only used it for New Years and the Fourth of July. I’ve decided to bust it out for Valentine’s Day (where I will be sitting at home in the snow), and wanted to share with you.
Glitter eyeliner square
What You Need:
  1. Take a deep breath. Eyeliner is hard! You can do it.
  2. Using the black eyeliner, line your top lashline only, trying to make the line as thin as possible. For me, I have to put my elbow down on something to make sure I’m as steady as possible. I take the eyeliner pen and put it on its side, basically making a line by connecting a bunch of smaller lines together. Let set for a few seconds.
  3. With the gold glitter eyeliner, make small strokes above your black eyeliner line. Keep your eye closed to let it set for 20 seconds before opening your eyes and tossing glitter everywhere.
  4. Curl lashes, and apply mascara like usual.

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