To My Seventeen-Year-Old Self

Staying involved with my university as an alum has been a hugely rewarding experience. One of the things I’ve kept up with is volunteering to interview current students who are being considered for a Villanova scholarship. I get to chat with students in my area  who have been accepted to Villanova and are considering going there.

Besides being a great way to stay connected with the university, it’s really been a funny way to realize how much I’ve grown since I was in their shoes TEN years ago. They are unsure of their words, unsure of what they’re going to do in life, and have every opportunity ahead of them.

It made me inspired to write a letter to myself as if I was across the table from me.

To Baby Sar:

You don’t even have that as a nickname yet, but you will very soon.

Luckily for you, you’re going to start to become the person you’ve wanted to be. You’ll grow out of your shell and become more comfortable talking to random people. You’ll get better at realizing that life is better when you do things because you want to do them and not because other people are doing them.

You’ll go through phases of your life that you feel like you have a lot of friends, but spend a lot of time in phases where you feel like you don’t. You’ll spend weekend nights at home where you wish you were out a lot throughout the next ten years. I encourage you to keep saying yes to trying new things – and stop waiting for others to make plans for you. You’ll get better at this but still have a long way to go.

Pretty soon you’ll make some of the best friends you’ll ever have in your life and you’ll support each other through both bad times and good. Think of them and how happy they make you, even if they don’t go out all that much.

You’ll study abroad and gain another nickname. You’ll like this one much better. And while you’ll worry about how much money you’re spending and you’ll eat more pasta and peanut butter sandwiches than you ever care to think about, it’ll change your life. You’ll meet another wonderful group of friends who will be a part of your life in many different ways. One of these friends will loan her family out to you in a few years when you live nearby.

You won’t have a job when you graduate and it will stress you out more than anything else in your life so far, but you’ll stay true to yourself and come out better on the other side for it.

You’ll focus on things other than love. And while sometimes you’ll hate yourself for it, it feels as true to you at 27 as it did when you were 17. Focus on you and when you are happy it will fall into place. And then it’ll break, but you’ll pick up the pieces and try to do it all over again.

A lot of things about you won’t change at all. Your family will never stop being important to you. You’ll never stop organizing things. You’ll never not be an optimist

You have some of the best years immediately ahead of you. Try to focus less on what is next, and more on the moment you’re in.

You’re doing just fine. Life is good.


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