DIY Leather Headphone Taco Holder

One of the things my sister got as swag when she started her new job was a headphones holder, AKA a cord taco, with her company’s name emblazoned on the side. Luckily for me, she got a bunch of them, so I became a proud owner of a cord taco, and it quickly became one of my favorite organizational do dads. It was great for throwing my headphones into my purse. Instead of spending the first ten minutes of my run on the treadmill untangling my headphones, I could just jump right on and start running.

To me, there’s nothing as satisfying as everything having a place.

Unluckily for me, I lost my cord taco about a month after becoming addicted to it. I was devastated, but decided to get crafty and make my own.

What I will say about this DIY project is that it’s not the easiest project I’ve ever done. I needed to buy and borrow a bunch of tools and I screwed up quite a few along the way. The snap works just okay, but isn’t as easy to open and close as the cord taco my sister had. So, I’m providing these instructions, but also links to a few places to buy similar ones. You can shop cord tacos here, here and here.


Things You’ll Need:

DIY Cord Taco

How To:

  • Cut out your organizers. Use your stencil and a pencil to mark where you need to cut. Draw on the rough side, or inside of the leather. I used a mason jar lid.
  • Make holes for the snaps. Using your leather hole punch, make a hole on either side of the leather circle, about half an inch from the edge. Once you create the first hole, fold it over and mark where your other hole should go so that it makes an even half moon shape
  • If you want to add initials to your organizer, do it now! It’s a lot easier when it can lay flat.
  •  Add hardware by attaching the snaps with the snap setter, following instructions with the snaps. For the ones I used, I had to spend about twenty minutes hammering away with the rubber mallet on the tool to get my snaps to be able to close. Worth it, but time consuming. And loud.
  • Wrap your headphones, snap ’em in, and enjoy your organization.

Thanks to this post from Food52 for the inspiration to get started.

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