Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Comparison is the thief of joy

Ahhh, comparison. It is so very closely tied to jealousy and I try hard to banish it from my thought processes.

But it’s impossible. As a single girl in my late twenties, still paying rent in a small apartment, wanting to look better in a swimsuit, there are a whole host of people making progress towards their goals faster than me. I don’t have a graduate degree, or a mortgage, or even someone to pick me up from the airport most of the time.

Despite all of the comparisons you can make on social media – whether with friends or complete strangers – it’s not at all helpful.

Everyone’s journey is different and you’ll be happier if you accept that.

But what if comparison could do you just a little bit of good?

In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, she told me how she sees jealousy as a sign of what she’s missing in her life. Her sister bought a house, and her jealousy made her realize that she wanted to make a home of where she was.

So notice your jealous tendencies. Is it really a new pair of shoes (probably not) but a sense of home, a feeling of being wanted, or a desire for adventure? I find in my own life I’ve become jealous of people who go on outdoor adventures – camping, skiing, rock climbing even. While, sure, part of me wants to be outdoors, my jealousy is rooted in a feeling that I’m not having adventures in my day to day life.

So don’t let the comparison overwhelm you. Identify if there are any trends, and see what you can do can change them.

While I am working up towards a short backpacking trip of my own, I can start with longer hikes, booking a vacation, hell, even trying a new place for dinner will help.

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    Love this. Such a good reminder.

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