Living Room Inspo

I’ve been in my place in Boston for about a year, and I really love it! It’s the perfect location given my job outside of the city, and even though I’m garden level (the fancy way of saying in the basement), I have a lot of privacy and my own bathroom! Not to mention I spend $500 less in rent than I did in San Francisco each month.
I love the roommates, but I’m trying to get them to join me in our late 20s so that we have an apartment that is decorated well. Part of me hates that it matters to me so much, and part of me realized that redecorating is just something I love to do anyway. We have  a lot of mixed patterns and furniture that’s too big for the space, so right now I’m thinking of investing in some moderately priced staples that will look good even when I eventually move into a real place.
Below is some inspiration that I’m thinking.
Living Room

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