Spring Clean Your Cloud

I have a special love for Spring Cleaning. Every year I end up going through all my clothes and shoes and bags and am always amazed at what I still manage to have to throw out or donate. While I feel like I have the standard Spring Cleaning list down, I decided to take my cleaning motivation to my online presence, too. I don’t mean changing up my LinkedIn profile or de-tagging bad photos of myself on Facebook (although that’s probably a good idea), but Spring Cleaning my Cloud of data online.



I have amazing organization in my everyday life, except for my email. I don’t sort a damn thing, and I always forget to archive or delete. So that leaves me at age 27 with 58% of my email already used. I’m going to be that person who has to get a new email address later in life just to have more storage.

Anywho, a few quick things I did to make some more space:

  • Unroll.me – This service helps you to easily unsubscribe from those emails you hate, and let’s you “roll up” the ones you want to keep into one big email. I love it because I still get access to all the sale emails, but they are no longer sent to me all the live long day.
  • FindBigMail.com – Using FindBigMail.com allows you to find the largest emails in your inbox, making it easy to delete the ones with large files or save the files to make it easier on your gmail. This is an easy solution to get more email storage fast.
  • Search and delete – While a much more time consuming process, I found myself just searching for emails from retailers and mass deleting their old emails.

Your Photos

I will preface this section by saying that I don’t feel 100% about my photo backup solution. I think with these three things I’ve got my bases covered, but I’d still like to feel better:

  • Google Photos does a great job of storing all of your photos for free. I especially love that when my phone is on WiFi it backs everything up to the cloud. I do find that I have crap in here I don’t need (like the six selfies I took before getting one that looked good) but overall it’s the most robust solution that I have to do NOTHING to maintain. I will note that the free version of Google Photos stores “high quality” photos at a decreased file size – so certainly enough for my needs and ability to print 4x6s but might not work for you if you plan to print a canvas later (just FYI Dad! 🙂 )
  • External Hard drive – I do my best to back up any new photos and important docs on an external hard drive every six months or so. Call me old fashioned, but it’s nice to have everything in a physical location, just in case. Here, the hardest part is remember to back up photos from my phone, since that’s what I use most these days.

Your Passwords

This is the most important Spring Cleaning tip you’ll get from me this season: get a password manager, like LastPass. Instead of having a million unsafe passwords that could get your whole life stolen, use a password manager. You have a master password that gets you into LastPass, and then from there you can copy and paste passwords into your other accounts. Or, if you’re a Google Chrome user, they have an easy browser plugin that can fill in passwords for you. I use this on my desktop and my phone and couldn’t say enough good things about it. I had heard one too many stories about people’s uber accounts being hacked and I spent a night getting everything set up so I could sleep better at night.

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