Behind my blog’s name

One of the blog’s biggest fans – my sister – recently asked me to write a post about how my blog got it’s name – and I’m not one to disappoint one the blog’s most long-standing readers.

If you remember back to the beginning, it was 2010 and my blog was hosted on I blogged for a few years there, but decided that the domain for my name should be saved for a professional portfolio of sorts, and my blog should live on a separate domain. I took a poll in May 2013, and no one voted for the blog name I currently have. Ha!

When I was brainstorming blog names, I knew I wanted it to be able to encompass a lot of topics – not just specific to any one city or category. I was – and still am – exploring what I like to blog about most often – so I knew I didn’t want to be specific to fashion, food, or DIY projects. I did know that I wanted it to evoke my relatively optimistic attitude, love for the color yellow, and desire to always improve myself.

Other options were BYO Sunshine, Blog Half Full and Newly Sharpened Pencils (a nod to Nora Ephron’s writing in You’ve Got Mail). While BYO Sunshine got a few votes, Her Pursuit of Sunshine ultimately won my heart.

That, and the domain name was available. 🙂

Four years later, I have mixed feelings about my choice, but mostly still like it. I think it’s a little long, to be honest, and doesn’t parlay well to having social media profiles dedicated to it, but now it’s just so much a part of me and my presence online, it’s not going anywhere.

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  1. Lisa Corning says: Reply

    I had no idea! Very cool. I really like your choice! Very Sarah Beanie.

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