DIY Good Vibes Pillow

As you may remember from my living room inspo post, I’ve had my eye on this Good Vibes pillow for YEARS. While it’s cute – $38 seemed like a lot for a pillow – so I decided I was going to DIY it instead.

Embarrassingly, I’ve had the undyed letters for over a year, with this whole project just getting more and more delayed. But just this week, some new furniture for the apartment came in, and I have a renewed desire┬áto spruce things up. Enter the motivation to finally finish the DIY.

This is an extremely simple DIY – but one I felt like was still worth mentioning on the blog

What You’ll Need:

  • A pillow with a removable, flat cover. I bought one at Primark for $5
  • Letters to make your saying. I used these.
  • Fabric dye, if you want your letters to be anything other than white


  • Dye your letters, following the instructions on the package. Note, I wish I let my letters dye for longer – mine ended up fading to more of a grey than a true black.
  • Let them dry overnight.
  • Follow the directions to iron on the letters. Try to forget that you’re really just ironing and that ironing is very boring.

DIY Good Vibes Pillow Large DIY Good Vibes Pillow Collage



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