DIY Pocket Full of Sunshine Tee

I saw a similar tshirt to this one on Pinterest and knew I wanted to DIY. As I explained on the blog previously, this little piece of the internet is meant to be a place of sunshine and optimism, and a punny homemade t-shirt is just really aligned with my brand. 😉

Overall, the DIY was easy and fun, but I’m not hopeful on the t-shirt lasting very long. It’s totally my fault – I didn’t buy fabric paints! I used the acrylic paints I already owned, meaning that the paint will likely shred into pieces in the wash. But HEY, right now it’s super cute.

Pocket Full of Sunshine 800

What You’ll Need:

  • White pocket tee. I bought this one on Amazon
  • Thin paint brush
  • Yellow and black paint, preferably fabric paint
  • Cardboard or other paintable surface to but in between the two layers of tshirt


  • Take the time to iron your t-shirt. You don’t want to put a layer of paint on a huge wrinkle and have it look deformed forever.
  • Place your cardboard between the two layers of shirt.
  • Start with the main part of the sun. Create the half circle, pushing a little bit lower into the pocket so that it looks like sun is peeking out. Add in the rays of sunshine coming out of the main sun. Ideally do the middle one, then the far left and right ones so that you can make your rays all even (unlike me).
  • Proceed with caution to paint the letters. I did these freehand, but you could totally start with pencil or sharpie and then go over it with paint.
  • Let dry and enjoy!
  • Bonus tip: Never sweat in the tshirt so that you never have to wash it if because it will be ruined if you do because you didn’t use fabric paint.

Pocket Full of Sunshine

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