Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

People seem to be READY for the 2017 holiday season a little earlier than normal this year, or maybe it’s just me? I’m looking forward to giving back, giving gifts, and hanging with the fam.

I’m trying to start my gift shopping early this year so I can take advantage of Black Friday deals and actually buy gifts for other people – and not just things for myself 🙂 so I figured I’d share some of my go-to gift ideas for people who are hard to shop for.

This list has some things I’ve been eyeing, and some of my go-to ideas for the people in my life that seem to have everything!


Beauty products you know and love – or ones they’ll be excited to try!

One of my favorite things to buy people are beauty products – whether a cute kit put together from Sephora or some of my favorite drug store brands. I’m always wondering what I don’t have that I need, or what people love that I don’t know about – so beauty products are fun to give and receive in my book.

For kits, I’m into this perfume trial kit at Sephora (you try them all then get a full size of your favorite!), this perfume party kit at Birchbox, and this natural beauty kit from Follain. In the past I’ve also gifted this lip gloss set from Sephora.

For drugstore products, you can’t go wrong gifting your favorite mascara. Technically you’re supposed to replace those buggers every three months! She (and her eye doctor lol) will appreciate the gift. I’d also recommend gifting your favorite drugstore lipsticks or lip moisturizers, or a good neutral eyeshadow palette.


On-the-Go Tech

One of the best stocking gifts I’ve ever gotten was a portable phone charger. I feel like a lot of people have them these days, but it’s sort of one of those things where having more than one would be helpful, in case you forget to charge the first one! The one I have is called a PhoneSuit.

I also think a light portable speaker makes a great gift – I’ve heard great things about this one from Bose, but also love the idea of this small clip on version.


Snail Mail Kit

I usually give this when a friend gets engaged or married, but it’s a great gift all the time! I put together cute note cards, a book of stamps and either pick out or send them a kit to design their own address stamp! I don’t know why I think it’s so fun to not have to write out your address. Having a stamp just makes me feel really adult.

I usually buy this groupon (that never seems to expire) and have good things to say about the quality! You could also buy from PaperSource.

Kitchen Helper

A few of my favorite kitchen things to buy people: a new platter or serving dish, new oven mitts because theirs are probably disgusting, or maybe a cute table runner or placemats. These are things that get used a lot, and get soiled quickly, so having backups or replacements is appreciated.


Who’s the hardest person to shop for on your list?


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  1. Lisa Corning says: Reply

    Not me!! I’m easy to buy for!! 🙂

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      hahaha! Very true

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