Things To Do With Your Photos Besides Printing Them

When you spend so much time upping your ‘gram game, you end up having a lottt of photos (including 18 of the same selfie lol). While some of the snaps we take are meant to disappear – there are so many worth doing something with that never make it outside of our phones.

That being said, some photo print projects can be tacky – especially if you have multiple in the same space! I don’t necessarily want a photo mousepad, calendar and mug at my desk at workif you know what I mean, but any one of those things would be an amazing addition.

As I’m feeling reflective and festive this time of year, I thought I’d provide a few creative ideas for using your photos – some that are great to give as gifts, too!



The desk calendar never disappoints. You likely enjoy having one on your desk anyway, so it might as well remind you of some of your favorite people and places. I love making themed ones – maybe its favorite hikes throughout the year, favorite cities, or (if you’re in my family) different photos of your pets.

Minted has some really cute ones – I love this print!


I really need more puzzle making in my life – and using a photo for a puzzle seems like a great way to add more puzzles AND print more pictures. I do think you need a sort of specific photo for this – something that has a lot of different colors – hopefully bright ones – and more details than landscape. I love the idea of using a family photo or a photo from a hostess’s favorite city as a hostess gift, too!

Seems like the best options for photo puzzles are on here.


I love the idea of creating photo books that are AUTOMATICALLY created for you and then you get to edit (if you want to). I haven’t tried them myself, but have heard good things about chatbooks. Connect your Instagram or phone to chatbooks and they’ll create a book for your for $10 for every 60 photos, if you set up a series. It might not be the most beautiful photo book you’ve ever created, but done is better than none!

Other ones I’ve heard good things about are Artifact Uprising and blurb books.


Seeing as I’ve already done a bookmark DIY on the blog, it’s no surprise bookmarks make this photo list, too. I love that they can be an easy way to print photos without being out in the open in the design of your living room or office.

Vistaprint has an option to design your own, which I’m into, there are also some cute templates on Shutterfly here. You are also more than welcome to just print a standard 4×6 and use that as a bookmark, too!

AppleTV/ Chromecast Background

Sort of a modern version of those kind of weird digital frames: I love the idea of using a background on your Apple TV or Smart TV to scroll through pictures, kind of like a computer screen saver, but you’re actually there. It’s great to have up during holiday parties when the music’s playing but you don’t necessarily want the TV on.

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