My Favorite Posts of 2017

Sometimes it is mind-boggling for me to think about how many years I’ve been doing this blogging thing. While I’ve never set out to be hugely successful (if that was the case I would’ve stopped a long time ago lol), I’m really happy I’ve been able to keep my writing skills sharp, and my creative mind with something to do.

As I look back on the year, here are a few of my own favorite posts, in case you missed them.

How to Read More Often
A simple reminder of how to reminder yourself to do something you love doing. Even writing out this post made me want to read more – and helped me reach my reading goal of twenty books this year! (Related: want to know what I’m reading? Be my friend on Goodreads!)

How to decorate an apartment with roommates
This was a really fun blog post for me because transforming this room was such a long time coming. Between a few different roommate moves, I’m still reminded daily how much I love how this room turned out.

6 Tips for a great solo trip
It wouldn’t be a 2017 in review for me if I didn’t include at least one of my posts about my solo trip to Iceland and Copenhagen. This trip was just what I needed this year, and the travel bug has officially bit me. 😃

The Best SPF Products
I didn’t do many beauty reviews this year, but I did at least one very important one: the best SPF products. This list is full of my very favorites that I use year after year.

Easy Chicken Ramen
Likewise, I’m not so great at the food photography, so haven’t done a ton of recipe posts this year. That being said, I did make this ramen, and while the photography isn’t great, the recipe sure is. I’m always glad I have this one to easily search for in my archives for a day when I just need a big bowl of soup.

Did you have any favorites I missed? Anything you’d wish I’d write more about?

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