Winter 2018 Bucket List

I don’t know a single blogger who hasn’t done some sort of 2018 goals post – and I’m not about to screw with the way things are. 🙂 I’ve done them in many ways over the years: SMART goals, words of the year, things to take away.  This year, I have some overarching personal goals, but want to focus on goals in seasons, more like a bucket list. I love the way 26 and not counting does it, and am always inspired by Elana Lyn’s list, too.

So without further ado, my Winter Bucket List:



After getting back into the reading groove at the end of 2017, I’m determined to keep it going. My goal is to read twenty-four books over the next year, but my hope is around thirty. I came SO close last year – at 23 books – but ended up finishing my last on New Year’s Day. 🙂 I just finished Beatriz Williams’ Along the Infinite Sea, and am in the middle of Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert which I’m loving! If you have a reading goal, I can’t recommend Goodreads enough. You can create your wishlist of books, see what others are reading, and make a 2018 that automatically tracks your progress. Come be my friend!


I love dance classes. I used to do Zumba often, and once did a six-week course to learn the choreography to Justin Bieber’s Sorry. I also spent a rainy afternoon learning All My Single Ladies, and have performed in a flash mob… twice. But in my current fitness routine, I haven’t found a class I love. I’m going to take a few different instructors’ classes at the new gym I joined, and maybe try out this new 305 Fitness class.


I’m currently on Day 6 of a free 30 Day Yoga Challenge from Yoga with Adrienne, an awesome YouTuber who does a 30 Day challenge during January every year. While we got started New Year’s Day, you can definitely jump in whenever. It is more of a breathing and mindfulness exercise than a full body workout, but I’m finding it fun and totally different than my usual routine. It’s been helpful in getting me out of bed on these really cold mornings.


This one is lame, but really important! I got out of the routine and need to get back into it. To help, I use the Wonderful Day app I mention here to keep me on track, since I don’t want to break the chain! Also, I give myself a break. Weekends I get a break from flossing!


While I don’t want to get too much into my personal dating life here, dating more often is a goal of mine this year. I want to focus on going on more dates, maybe even ones that are a little unexpected or with someone who might not match who I think my “type” is.


I need to do some exploration here to figure out what exactly I want this to mean. I want to find a way to give back consistently to a cause, and am still deciding if this should be monetary or a physical contribution in some way. I have some friends who have done Big Brothers Big Sisters, some who regularly volunteer at the Food Bank, and I want to find something that makes sense for me.


My sister bought me The 52 Lists Project Journal for Christmas, and she didn’t even know this was a goal of mine! I’m now using that for a Sunday night reflection, in addition to a new notebook for daily journaling and scribbles. I love the idea of being able to look back on what was on my mind over time, and it’s been really helpful before bed to write down anything that’s bothering me.


Since getting more into hiking in 2017, I decided I wanted to see if I could continue it as a hobby year round. It’s not so easy to find people to go hiking with you in the winter, but I did manage to hike Mount Tom on Christmas Eve and have a few opportunities coming up. I do still need to buy some gear – any snowshoe recommendations?? – but am excited about doing this more.


When I moved back to Boston from SF, I told myself I could get a long weekend somewhere warm every winter. Front runners right now are Nashville (hi Lys!) or even a trip back to SF (50s/60s is warmer than this -11 bullshit we’re having today).

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