Rewards That Don’t Cost Money or Calories

As I’m trying to stick to my New Year’s Resolutions, I find myself celebrating with a piece of chocolate here, or a stop into Old Navy there. I’m trying to curb the mindless snacking AND the mindless shopping, so have been looking for other ways to reward myself after a long week.

Create your own spa night

Instead of going out to buy more beauty products, I’m trying to be better about using the ones I have. Right now, a spa night for me would be a good body scrub, decadent lotion (this white almond lotion is the BEST), a hair mask and a facemask,. Do you have random samples you still haven’t used? I bet you do. But in case you don’t, I linked to my favorites.

A good stretch

Especially after a long week of workouts and stress from work, an invigorating yoga class or just a good stretch can be a big reward. I’m currently in the middle of 30 days of yoga with Yoga with Adrienne, and the days for Stretch, soften and salve have all been great stretches.

Dedicated reading time

Maybe its just me, but I crave curling up with a good book and really diving into it, no distractions. So join me – put on a candle, grab a cup of tea (my favorite here!), and get cozy. Besides being a great reward, this is also an awesome way to get ready for a busy week, stay sane during the winter, and get more reading in!

Call a friend

Sometimes a reward is just finding time to connect with a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. If you finished up a long week, call a friend on the way home. I promise it’ll feel even better than a piece of cake.



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