An Intro to Clean Beauty

Maybe one of your 2018 goals was to be more “clean.” For some of you that might be trying Whole 30 and cutting out all sugars and carbs from your life for thirty days, for some of you it could be using fewer water bottles and wasting less resources. For others, you might be considering how to change the products you buy and use to have a better impact on yourself and the environment.

To be honest, being more clean wasn’t really a goal of mine, but something that came from a little influence. My sister got a job at a clean beauty company here in Boston called Follain – more on that below – and I hang out with my sister a lot. : ) When she first started interviewing, she talked about how eyeopening it was that what was in her beauty routine was bad for her skin and her body.

So to preface here – I’m no means an expert on any of this… just someone dabbling in clean beauty and figured I’d tell all of you.

Option 1: Throw out everything you own and buy all new products that are clean.
Option 1 is not a good option. Don’t do that. Not only will your bank account and savings goals hate you… so will your face. Instead of shocking your face into a whole new set of products, start simply.

Option 2: Replace products as you use finish them with ones that are better for you.
Option 2 is the way to go. This is a slower process, and will certainly take more time to complete, but that’s okay! You’ll learn what you like.

Now you might be asking, which of the products I own are really that bad? You’d be surprised. Brands you think are natural – *cough* Aveeno *cough* are really not natural, especially due to added fake fragrances and other bad things. To see what in your cabinet might need replacing, use the app called Think Dirty. It gives each product a rating from 0 – 10 (0 being the cleanest!) to show how clean or “dirty” your current products are. By searching before you run out of a product, you can see what you should replace when it’s empty, and what you can keep using.

One thing I’ll say here, is I have some tried and true products that I really love… that don’t have good ratings on this app. My cheap and easy everyday Lubriderm moisturizer is a 10 (that’s a bad thing) and my CeraVe daily moisturizer and facewash are a 6 and 7 respectively. I’m not sure I’ll ever be on the natural deodorant train… but who knows? What I’m saying here is that small steps are still steps in the right direction… and it’s worth trying to find better-for-you things to put on your body, especially if you don’t love the thing you have right now anyway.

For example, I tried a Clarins Toner recently, and while it’s fine, it’s not fantastic. I don’t love it, so I was open to switching. My sister got me to try a toner from Indie Lee and it’s great! Once I finish the Clarins bottle, I would definitely consider switching.

Another thing I’ll say up front – is that I’m not sure I’ll ever become a full clean beauty convert. I have a lot of products I really do love that aren’t clean that I’m not sure I want to part with. Maybe as the beauty world realizes clean products are important to everyone – there will be more product variety annd my preferences will change – but just want to be up front with you that there are definitely other blog posts in the hopper that include products that aren’t clean. 🙂

WHERE I’M SHOPPING: For skincare, makeup and to get an individualized experience:
So if you’re in the Boston area especially, head to Follain. There’s one in Beacon Hill and one in the South End, oh! – and my lovely sister happens to work at their corporate office. The shop is super cute and the people who work there are helpful –  never pushy. What I love about Follain is that they have different options for different price points and have multiple brands to choose from. They carry a lot of brands you might have heard of including Herbivore, Ursa Major, Tata Harper, and True Botanicals (where my friend Kate works!).

Although they have a lot of great skin care products, my favorite product *so far* is the adorable and amazing-smelling soap! It leaves my hands super soft and when I run out I can go refill the exact bottle in-store. It might seem like a splurge, but there’s something awesome about making hand washing a more fun process. Note, you can use this soap for legit everything if you want to: hand soap, dish soap, kids, it can even be used on pets!

While their stores are just in Boston, they have great online customer service too and great tools to search and learn more about your skin and what might be most helpful for you.

One of the products I think is super smart is their bestsellers kit! It includes some crowd favorites in different genres – and includes a sample of their soap!

For basic skincare and shower stuff you use on your body:

As a girl on a budget, I’m not going to Follain for everything. Most Targets actually have a clean beauty aisle, and CVS has a few of the staples, too. My favorites sold at Target are Shea Moisture (my hair loves their 10-in- 1 shampoo and my body loves their creamy body scrub) and W3ll People (also sold at Follain).

Are you making a transition to cleaner beauty? What are your favorite brands?

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    Glad you liked the COQ-10! Great toner!

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