Finding a New Signature Scent

Do you remember your first perfume?

I love hearing about other people’s early perfume choices and how the scent takes you to a certain time in your life. The scent I most vividly remember from growing up was my sister’s Ralph by Ralph Lauren perfume in that teal and clear bottle. In her teenage years she reapplied it constantly, and I totally remember her room and her car smelling like it in high school. Now, when I smell it, I recognize it immediately, and it totally takes me back to like 2005.

I recently searched high and low to find a new signature scent: something that was new to me, but would stand the test of time. Something I could wear in my late twenties, maybe even my thirties, that someone would associate with me. I know it’s all just good marketing, but having a signature scent is so appealing to me. It’s just part of your routine, and people come to expect that it is part of you.

But before I tell you about my 2018 perfume, I thought it would be so fun to walk you through what I used to wear. Please join me on this walk down my scent-filled memory lane:

My Early Years: Beyonce’s True Star by Tommy Hilfiger

In case you didn’t know my love for Beyonce started at a clearly early age, now you do. The first perfume I remember wearing consistently was True Star by Beyonce for Tommy Hilfiger. It is actually still available on Walmart through a reseller and it is tempting to buy it just to remember how it smelled. Beyonce has other more recent perfumes, but none of them have lived up to True Star for me.

High School: Burberry Brit

This Burberry Brit was my first foray into true, adult perfumes. While it is still available and people wear it, it smells like straight vanilla to me – it’s so sweet! But it is funny how that was totally my style back in the day.

College: Dolce & Gabbana: The One

Dolce & Gabbanna The One is a tried and true for me – I actually considered it in my recent scent search in 2018, but that could just be because I felt so nostalgic for it. I remember I had the whole scent kit – so I could use the body wash, the lotion, and then a spritz of the perfume. I would totally buy this again I think – it’s described as a warm, oriental floral.

Post-College: Kate Spade: Live Colorfully

I bought this post-college at a Kate Spade event with my friend Kelsey. It is a fresh but still floral scent, and was a good balance between all of the sweetness I had been using for years. Also, how cute is this bottle?

My confused years: Random Rollerballs and samples, usually Elizabeth & James: Nirvana White

This was another one I almost bought a full-size of in 2018 – Elizabeth & James: Nirvana White. I think I got the rollerball three years ago for Christmas, and I still use it, but I felt like the scent didn’t last very long throughout the day.┬áBut, it IS from Mary Kate & Ashley, so you know it’s good.


Today: Ralph Lauren Woman

I found Ralph Lauren Woman as a recommendation through a blogger I follow, but they didn’t have it at my local Sephora, so I had to go to Ulta to smell it. And somehow, I immediately loved it, even though I was almost positive I was going to go with another perfume (Marc Jacobs Decadence, but I hated the bottle so much I couldn’t buy it). It feels sophisticated and adult, an understated floral that just seems to be a good everyday wear choice. I love the simplicity of the bottle, and am happy having it on my dresser. I’ve definitely gotten back into wearing perfume daily, and I even bought one of these little to go perfume sprayers so I can take this perfume with me in my purse, if I’m going out after work and want to touch up.

My advice for searching for a scent you like:

  • Go to Sephora and smell around. Find a scent you sort of like and use their in store experience to find others you like. I did a combination of that and talking to people who worked there, to find a few that were final contenders.
  • Note: they usually have coffee beans to smell when you’ve smelled a million, AND they give out little spray bottles of different ones if you want to try them on at home for a longer period of time. Definitely hit them up on this. There were a few I loved in the store, but I think I was just high on perfume fumes because when I got home they were way to sweet.
  • While I didn’t do it, I love the idea of buying a kit from Sephora or Birchbox to get samples of a bunch of their bestsellers, and then you get a gift card towards a full size bottle.
  • If you don’t find what you’re looking for at Sephora, try either Macy’s or Ulta. Around Christmas, at Macy’s, the perfume stations were a mad house and everyone wanted to push their products. It made for a more stressful experience than I wanted, so I opted for after the holidays at Ulta. They don’t have as many tools to help find the right scent for you, but the selection is different and no one bothered me while I was shopping!

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