A Note on Being the Third Wheel

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I wanted to write something to the people of the world who like me, are single, and the couples who hang out with us like normal people.

Being a third-wheel is something that I’m expert-level at. So expert, in fact, that I kind of forget I’m third-wheeling. The only days it truly bothers me are New Year’s and Valentine’s Day. And I blame society for that, and not other couples. πŸ™‚

Some tips on being the third-wheel:


I think the key to being confident as a third wheel is being confident in yourself. I can assure you that while it might feel like it, no one at the restaurant you’re at is looking at your table of three and being like “omg that girl is totally a third wheel.” I hate to break it to you, but everyone at the restaurant is worried about how they look to other people, I can assure you no one is thinking about you.

That being said, I think being confident as the third wheel is an exercise in being comfortable with yourself. You have to do some internal work to get to a place where stepping out with a couple won’t make you feel insecure.



I’ve got a lot of friends who are coupled off, and most of them aren’t super schmoopy. (besides Nikki and Steve of course πŸ˜‰. ) For that I am eternally greatful. Β For me, being “third wheel” mostly feels like going out with two friends… who happen to be dating.



Another thing you are free to do – and honestly they might be pumped about it – is to ask to hang one-on-one. I have sister dates, ladies nights, and on the flipside – sometimes go watch football with my BOL just he and I.

For couples who live together, the opportunity to do something separate can be a good break – and it allows you to talk about the person who isn’t there πŸ˜›


So Happy early Valentine’s Day to all my favorite couples who let me third, fifth or seventh-wheel year round. Love you guys!






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    Love this post Sarah!

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