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Her Pursuit of Sunshine is an optimistic lifestyle blog that provides young women with ideas to make their lives brighter and better. The name comes from my everyday optimism, constant self-reflection, and love for the color yellow. This optimistic lifestyle blog covers many topics: life in Boston, DIY projects, recipes, fashion, beauty, and career advice. It’s all about inspiring others to create a life they want to lead – without taking the whole thing too seriously.

My name is Sarah Mitus, and I’ve been blogging for six years. What I love most about blogging is having a vehicle to get the thoughts out of my head, connect with others, and in a way, chronicle my life. My writing has been featured on TIME, FastCompany, and Levo, in addition to previous company blogs. I’m a native of Massachusetts, but lived in San Francisco for three years before I moved back to the Boston area in 2016.

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