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  • Deciding to Travel Alone

    On Traveling Alone

    If we’re friends on Facebook you’ve seen that I’m planning a trip and looking for recommendations on an upcoming vacation to Reykjavik and Copenhagen. What is so exciting and nerve-wracking about this trip is that I’ve decided to do it solo. This year, without my SFO > BOS back and forth trips across the country, and with […]

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  • Wonder Women

    Wonder Women

    Last weekend I just wasn’t having a good weekend. I had one of those weekends where I was so busy during the week that I made no plans for the weekend and then immediately regretted it. I just had nothing to do – so got myself in a funk – going in circles about the […]

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  • Behind my blog’s name

    Behind Her Pursuit of Sunshine

    One of the blog’s biggest fans – my sister – recently asked me to write a post about how my blog got it’s name – and I’m not one to disappoint one the blog’s most long-standing readers. If you remember back to the beginning, it was 2010 and my blog was hosted on sarahmitus.com. I […]

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  • A Year Back in Boston

    One Year in Boston Her Pursuit of Sunshine

    When I was a kid, I always felt like time went by so fast. You had pre-planned vacation times, semesters, and new teachers and milestones to hit. You thought middle school was a quick three years, only to find high school and then college go by even more quickly. But as an adult, with fewer […]

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  • Spring Clean Your Cloud


    I have a special love for Spring Cleaning. Every year I end up going through all my clothes and shoes and bags and am always amazed at what I still manage to have to throw out or donate. While I feel like I have the standard Spring Cleaning list down, I decided to take my […]

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  • To My Seventeen-Year-Old Self

    seventeen year old self

    Staying involved with my university as an alum has been a hugely rewarding experience. One of the things I’ve kept up with is volunteering to interview current students who are being considered for a Villanova scholarship. I get to chat with students in my area  who have been accepted to Villanova and are considering going […]

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  • Striving to be better in 2017


    I feel like a lot of people rank on New Year’s Resolutions. Must we hate on multiple people just trying to improve their lives and deciding to do so all at the same time? For me, every new year, I feel renewed and ready to change when the new year comes. Sure, it’s really hard to […]