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  • How to Read More Often

    Oh man oh man, 2017 has not been my year for reading. I was out of the routine of it, and couldn’t get back into it. Even after I had finished a book and was super into reading, I fell out of the routine of reading almost immediately. I’m wise enough to know to take the […]

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  • 6 Tips for a Great Solo Trip

    On my now not-so-recent solo trip, I was really worried about the solo aspect of it. I was intimidated by the idea of being alone with my thoughts for a full week. Obviously, I still had WiFi and a phone, so this wasn’t the Martian or anything, but I was scared I was going to […]

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  • 3 Days in Copenhagen

    This is part two of the recap of my recent week-long solo trip, starting in Iceland and making the quick flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. Below you’ll find a journal of what I did and what I loved – both as a way for me to remember 🙂 and a way to share with others who […]

  • Boston
  • Hiking the Huts with Backcountry Yoga

    A few years ago when I was living in SF, I came across a blog post from a Boston blogger I follow, dear anna, who wrote about her family’s recent hike – affectionately called a hut to hut. She explained how along the Appalachian Mountain trail sits these small huts along the trail in the sky, […]