• Easy Magnet Bookmark DIY

    In years passed, I’ve done a great job meeting my goals for reading, but 2017 is not my year. I’ve successfully finished just ONE book this year and I’m trying to get motivated to dive back in. Besides choosing an easy beach read as my next book, I also wanted to create a magnet bookmark […]

  • Life
  • Behind my blog’s name

    One of the blog’s biggest fans – my sister – recently asked me to write a post about how my blog got it’s name – and I’m not one to disappoint one the blog’s most long-standing readers. If you remember back to the beginning, it was 2010 and my blog was hosted on sarahmitus.com. I […]

  • Boston
  • A Year Back in Boston

    When I was a kid, I always felt like time went by so fast. You had pre-planned vacation times, semesters, and new teachers and milestones to hit. You thought middle school was a quick three years, only to find high school and then college go by even more quickly. But as an adult, with fewer […]

  • Food
  • Pressure Cooking is the new Slow Cooking

    Okay this might be a controversial subject here, but I’m going to go for it: pressure cooking is the new slow cooking. You may think you love your slow cooker, but it’s only because you haven’t experienced pressure cooking yet. To be honest: his past winter in cold, snowy Boston, I didn’t use my crock […]

  • Style
  • Nantucket Style

    Even though I’m a Massachusetts native, I’ve never been to Nantucket – at least not that I can remember! But that’s all about to change this Memorial Day weekend. I’m slightly petrified because I’m staying in a house with like fifteen other ladies – some I’ve never met before – and going for Figawi – this […]

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  • Spring Clean Your Cloud

    I have a special love for Spring Cleaning. Every year I end up going through all my clothes and shoes and bags and am always amazed at what I still manage to have to throw out or donate. While I feel like I have the standard Spring Cleaning list down, I decided to take my […]

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  • Living Room Inspo

    I’ve been in my place in Boston for about a year, and I really love it! It’s the perfect location given my job outside of the city, and even though I’m garden level (the fancy way of saying in the basement), I have a lot of privacy and my own bathroom! Not to mention I […]