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  • To My Seventeen-Year-Old Self

    seventeen year old self

    Staying involved with my university as an alum has been a hugely rewarding experience. One of the things I’ve kept up with is volunteering to interview current students who are being considered for a Villanova scholarship. I get to chat with students in my area  who have been accepted to Villanova and are considering going […]

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  • Easy Chicken Ramen

    Easy Chicken Ramen

    I’ve  been wanting to make ramen at home for awhile now, but always was too nervous to invest in the time and long list of ingredients to really do it the right way. Real ramen takes hours to make, simmering and simmering broth for a long time, and includes a bunch of ingredients I’d need […]

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  • Striving to be better in 2017


    I feel like a lot of people rank on New Year’s Resolutions. Must we hate on multiple people just trying to improve their lives and deciding to do so all at the same time? For me, every new year, I feel renewed and ready to change when the new year comes. Sure, it’s really hard to […]

  • DIY
  • DIY Door Mat


    DIY-ing is so therapeutic to me. I can’t decide what I love more: how great it is to use your hands to create something or seeing a finished product that you made yourself. So while I definitely could have bought a cute doormat at Target or on Etsy, I decided to create my own instead. […]

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  • No to No New Friends


    One of the biggest differences between San Francisco and Boston is the welcoming-ness of the people. I don’t mean to say that Massachusetts is full of a bunch of Massholes … I mean to say that the proximity and closeness of your group of friends doesn’t change as much in Boston as it does in […]